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Wether your up for a celebration, suprising someone such as a friend, colleague or family, or perhaps are enjoying a swinger night in Lisboa and you need something extra to finish off the evening? With Striptease Lisboa you can book professional, talented & beautiful looking female strippers at the age of 21 and above, that provide erotic dancing & entertainment up to 24 hours on a given location of choice. We deliver discreetly both female or male strippers with fast delivery and within the area of Lisbon, Cascais, Almada & Amadora. Call us now for info to place your reservation, booking or to have any details discussed with our friendly staff.

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For clients who want the best we also provide a VIP Service with additional service such as limousine, champagne & going out to the best establishments Lisboa, Cascais, Amadora has. We can also provide you a full planning of your evening or night which ensures the best experience you'll ever had in Portugal. For more info please contact us today and get a quote on your stripper or VIP service. We will threat our customers discreet and assure a great time with one of our female or male strippers. Please understand we only provide a erotic dance and / or entertainment on outcall basis at your place of choice. We are not a striptease club which you can visit.

Our opening hours are flexible, and thanks due to the large offerings of Stripper girls in Lisboa or Cascais, the chances are great that we have what you are looking for. All our strippers are 21 years of age and each of them perform their own unique set of style, dance or performance. What about a police officer look a like stripper? Or a female nurse? Perhaps a true & genuine catwoman or big mama stripper? We have all sorts of models who perform erotic dances and who are suitable for most common occasions. Call us now if your looking for portugese, brazilian, american or foreign international female / male strippers in Lisboa, Portugal.

Best Striptease at Work, Your House or Club of Choice in Portugal!

Our outcall based stripper service provides girls or men for stricly adult dance to your given location of choice. Wether that will be a small space, on the working floor or in a populair establishment we will deliver not just quick but also provide a complete discreet experience. Starting from € 250 you can book stripper girls of choice or who are available at the given date you wish to book strippers and includes a 10 to 20 minute performance together with one of our fantastic looking models. Call us for more info on +351(0)-00000000 or send us a message in advance by using our website. We can be reached up to 24 hours with the best strippers in Lisboa.

Also for people who are about to have or plan a real bachelor party are welcome to arrange a male or female stripper of choice. We can guide you through organising the best possible evening or night and have it topped off with one of our fantastic strippers. We have small to large package for you to choose from but more important plan everything with you. PLease read our Terms and Conditions as we are a entertainment, erotic dance with outcall service in Lisboa, Cascais & more. We are not a striptease bar, club or place in a physical location in Lisboa to visit. If you have questions please feel free to contact us for more info. Your privacy is our concern.

Most striptease clubs in Lisbon are open till late hours, but often are crowded, charge quite alot of entrance and price for drinks, and a good striptease show might end up more expensive then initially thought. With our outcall stripper service with males, females you are assured to have the best price with the most entertaining strippers you can find. We provide everything from A to Z and make sure you have a great evening. Our strippers are not just qualified dancers, but people who enjoy their passion to their fullest. If you are interested please get in touch with us. We are also looking for people who would like to join our team with Become a stripper in Lisboa, Portugal.

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We have the most attractive female strippers for in Lisbon, Cascais & much more. If you are in the need for entertainment with real girls. We have male, female & duo strippers available for bookings up to 24 hours. Please write us a message if you are interested in Book Strippers Now. We will handle your enquery with care and assure you a excellent evening or night with one of our fantastic looking strippers of choice. Alternatively you can call or whatsapp us for more information. The selection of our stripper girls in Lisbon varies from 10 to 25 independent & amazing strippers in Lisbon or Cascais of choice. Place your reservation now!

You will find a unique selection of female strippers on our website, which you can pick and plan or schedule a striptease with. We have various female or male performers for erotic & exotic dances. Even larger events such as a huge cake suprise or a secret box that needs to be unwrapped is one of the fantastic options we provide. Get in touch today for more info about booking(s) and available strippers. What you see is what you get - we provide real in house photo's of our female and male strippers of choice. Click on a profile for more information, details & a personal message from this talented erotic dancer. Have a great time with our strippers in Lisbon, Portugal.

Outcall Based Striptease Service in Lison, Portugal

Have something to celebrate? Want to make your evening or night extra special? Why not book a male or female stripper with fast & discreet delivery in Lisbon, Portugal? We have the best and most amazing stripper females now available for even last minute bookings. Click on a profile for more info and get in touch with our striptease service. It is possible to book online as well as we will help you discreet & up to 24 hours one of the best male or female stripteases of choice. Note that we are not a establishment that you can visit in lisboa to spend time and / or have a drink, but that we exclusively come to your place or residence of choice.

When you book a stripper there are a few things to take into account. First it's adult entertainment, with no services such as sex involved. It is purely a adult & artistic striptease dance where you or another can be fully suprised. Second it is important to have a good audio equipment source since music is a important factor in providing a erotic dance. Third, you cant make photo's of our strippers where they would be 100% visible since their privacy is just as important as for us. Fourth, personal security will be always available at entrance, during the striptease and when leaving. The security is a mandatory element with Striptease Lisboa and cannot be denied.

It is all about making & having a good time, so why not with a professional stripper in Lisbon? You can get in touch with us for bookings, reservations or more information as we provide you the best service in Lisbon for locals or foreigners currently staying in Portugal. We accept payment(s) in euro's, brittish pounds or american dollars, but also provide various ways of providing a digital payment with Credit Card, by Bank & much more. Get in touch with us today on the phonenumber +351(0)-00000000. Striptease Lisboa is a registered establishment that provides adult entertainment in a discreet & stunning way. Get in touch with us today for more info.

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We have the best strippers available for bookings in & around Lisboa in Portugal. Contact us by phone on +351(0)-00000000 or surf to Book Now to get in touch with our staff. We will help you discreet.

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We offer a wide variety of girls and boys for striptease - wether you like sexy, stunning or professional dances we are here to help you. Get the best out of your stay in Lisbon or celebrate with a stripper.

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We understand the nature of our business as no other, and provide a perfectly discreet & entertaining way of booking strippers. All strips are performed professionally and assures great quality.

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If you would like to get to know more information please whatsapp us on +351(0)-00000000. We speak both English and Portugese and we are here to help. Check out the selection of strippers and book now.